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Terry Vine photographs for Texas State Department of Health Services

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Terry recently completed a shoot featuring Mother Friendly Worksites. Scheduling shoot days around feeding times, naps and diaper changes for the talent was a bit challenging; as soon as everything was set – wardrobe, mom’s hair & make-up, composition, light –  it was feeding time.  Terry and his crew photographed 8 moms with their new babies in a home setting, and 19 moms in the workplace where breastfeeding is respected. In 5 days they shot at 10 different locations in 2 cities – Austin and San Antonio – including a Whole Foods Market, 2 different corporate offices, an advertising agency, an insurance agency, a cafe, and 2 homes. To see more of Terry’s work, you can go to his website:



Paolo Marchesi Awarded Again in Archive’s 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

For the 3rd time, Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers has featured Paolo’s work. Congratulations to Paolo for standing out among the submissions. 860 photographers from 56 different countries all over the world sent in their images, making a total of 502 masterpieces that were admitted into the 200 Best Photographers worldwide 2012/2013. Paolo’s image below was one of the masterpieces selected in the animal category. This was shot for Outside Magazine. To see more of Paolo’s work go to his website: