Big Picture Reps Team

We are a full service, boutique artist management agency representing commercial photographers, directors, illustrators and CGI artists. Our award-winning photographers are skilled in many segments and styles; our CGI artists are proficient in 3D and high-end retouching. We have a unique niche: several of our artists speak 2 or more languages. (One speaks 5!) We have offices in Dallas, Texas and LA. The agents have extensive experience as producers for national and international advertising campaigns. We also partner with incredible resources to meet a variety of production needs, enabling us to offer turn-key solutions.

In addition to the production experience that we have, we are also easy to work with, flexible, fun, passionate about the industry, and understand your side of the business. We know you don’t have time to play games (serious or otherwise) and you don’t have the budgets you used to, but still require the best in service, talent and creativity. We see that you're wearing more hats now than you ever did and will take on as many of those for you as you can comfortably pass off.

Personal tidbits: Marta has been working around and in the advertising business for over 20 years. Prior to becoming a rep, she managed a high-end commercial photo studio for 5 years, produced large budget photo shoots, and was a senior project manager in a leading premedia company that specialized in working with advertising agencies and large corporate accounts. She has extensive experience in all aspects of production and account service, but her passion is in seeing the execution of a creative idea, whether it's photography, CGI, or motion. Marta met her husband in the industry (they worked together at three different companies, married while at company number two) and has even managed to get her dog involved in the business. Sophie - a Yorkie - has her own talent agent and models for photo shoots. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas - you'll notice the accent and the Southern friendliness, but no cowboy boots - she's more comfortable in the big city than out on the range...